How many more albums does Maxi Jazz have to write

With a long range weapon or suicide bomber
Wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction
Whether your stowaway's son or BBC 1
Dis-information is a weapon of mass destruction
You could be caucasian or a poor asian
Racism is a weapon of mass destruction
Whether inflation or globalisation
Fear is a weapon of mass destruction
Whether Haliburton or Enron or anyone
Greed is a weapon of mass destruction

My dad came into my room holdin his hat
I knew he was leavin, he sat on my bed told me some facts son
I have a duty, callin on me
You and your sister be brave my little solider, and don't forget all I told ya
You're the mister of the house now remember this
And when you wake up in the morning give ya momma a kiss, then I had to say goodbye
In the morn i woke momma with a kiss on each eyelid,
Even though im only a kid, certain things can't be hid
Momma grabbed me, held me like I was made of gold, but left her in the story untold
I said, momma it will be allright, when daddy comes home, tonight

We need to find courage, overcome
Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction
Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction
Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction

My story stops here, lets be clear
this scenario is happenin everywhere
and you aint goin to nirvana or favana
You comin right back here to live out your karma
with even more drama than previously, seriously
Just how many centuries have we been waiting for someone else to make us free
And we refuse to sleep, the people overseas are just like we
Mad leadership, amigos, unfettered and free
They feed on the people they're supposed to lead, I dont need it
We need to pray away, for the lord to make it all straight
Its only now we do it right, cos I don't want my daddy, leavin home tonight


Vlaams huis geopend in ..... Hasselt!

Vlaams minister van Ambtenarenzaken Paul Van Grembergen heeft maandag officieel het Vlaams Huis aan de Koningin Astridlaan in Hasselt geopend. 450 ambtenaren van de Vlaamse overheid, afdelingen Wegen en Verkeer, Ruimtelijke Ordening, Natuur, Water, Bos en Groen, Landbouw, de milieu-inspectie en Gebouwen van de Vlaamse overheid krijgen een nieuwe werkplaats. Het kostenplaatje bedroeg ruim 58 miljoen euro oftewel 129.000 euro (5,2 miljoen bef) per ambtenaar.

Om maar te zeggen dat de politici geen idioten zijn. Wij zijn de idioten die de politiekers nog altijd kwistig met gemene middelen laten omspringen. De publieke opinie is - overal ter wereld - zelden zo dood geweest. Wordt vervolgd


American voters are indeed stupid white men

Here's the story, try to catch up!

2000: Junior rigs elections with the help of Bush Sr., Jeb Bush, John Ellis, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Paul O'Neill, Ann Veneman, Don Evans, Don Rumsfeld, Spencer Abraham, Tommy Thompson, Gale Norton, Elaine Chao, Colin Powell, Norman Mineta, Andrew Card Jr., Mitch Daniels Jr., Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove, Kenneth Lay, ...How? The US forbids felons to vote. These people made up another xxxxxxxx felons, thereby erasing every democratic vote they could get their hands on. Others faked xxxxx republican votes and made sure they passed. Then all they had to do was to say: 'Bye Gore'

2001: Junior gets attacked by 15 Saudi's and 4 anti-US-fanatics. The Bin Ladens are some of the wealthiest Saudi's around. Bush just craves their oil. When Saddam attacked Kuwait, the US took action only cause the Saudi's were afraid. But noooo, Bush Jr. blames Afghanistan for 9/11. Now many stupid white men even think Saddam had something to do with 9/11. Get a grip on reality fast, please.

2002: Junior wants Saddam. Junior and Saddam were still best friends 6 years ago. Both parties made millions and Saddam's regime couldn't have sustained as long as it did if he hadn't had Bush's help. Are they still searching for WMD? Did they find any? Is Iraq gonna be democratic as promissed or is it gonna be republican as Junior wants it?

2004: Junior gets re-elected. Americans don't care about politics do they? A president has sex with a mistress and lies about it. Then you've done enough to get appeached. But if a president steals an election, starts a war for fraudulent reasons, systematically misleads the public about his real motives, invades countries under false pretenses, spends the whole budget on nothing but himself AND lies about it. 'I don't care, what else is on?'

Well, we'll all be damned if we don't put our fists on the table. If the world keeps letting only the american public vote for the presidence, probably the whole world is doomed. The decision is far too important to be dependent on such a lame, slow-witted, influenced crowd.