Fahrenheit 9/11 wins cannes festival, Bush bites the dust

Woohoow, a big round of applause to Michael Moore, political world idol and producer of the anti-bush-madness ever since this world leader-wannabe/"hell, I can't spell my own name but I'm smarter then all who vote for me"/thief-in-chief/war-criminal literally stole the 2000 election.

Thank God Michael Moore also found a way to get his film to the american public, I sure hope it not only opens their eyes but gives them the full degree of shame they all deserve as well. The future can only be better if we realise now that whoever holds power can easily misuse abuse. Sure I'll help you fight the war on drugs, but not if it means locking up minors for possessing a gram of mariuhana when the president himself is an ex-cokehead!

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