Belgian Red Cross steps out of consortium for emergency relief

The Belgian Red Cross acknowledges its withdrawal from the Belgian Consortium for emergency relief on january 1th 2006. The consortium regrets the decision. Less than one year after the unprecedented success of the 'tsunami1212'-action and after 25 years of cooperation on more than 10 successful campaigns the consortium finds it hard to understand the decision and its motives. That can explain why four other organisations continue the cooperation: Unicef, Handicap Int., Caritas and Oxfam.

At the core of the issue would be a decision to not organise a benefit for the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan. The consortium organised campaigns for Ethiopia, Kosovo and the tsunami in Asia. Bringing together five different aid organisations brings about reduced strength in action. In these last months we've noticed many difficulties in setting equal priorities in emergency relief", said Axel Vande Veegaete, head of International Affairs at the Belgian Red Cross. "It seems like some regions are more important than others."

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