Hillary Clinton Hates Freedom and is More concerned with burning fabric than burning flesh

Hillary Clinton Co-Sponsors Anti-Flag Burning Bill:
A Republican bill that would ban some forms of flag burning has one Democratic co-sponsor: Senator Hillary Clinton. Clinton is the sole co-sponsor of a bill that would make it a crime to intimidate anyone by burning a flag, burn someone else's flag, or destroy a flag on federal property.

Why, isn't that nice. We can't 'intimidate' anyone anymore by burning a or their flag. It seems this was an idea of a real PATRIOT, hey? But it takes one stupid patriot is he's going to be offended by seeing someone light his nations' flag on fire. I certainly can't think of any flag that isn't worth burning. Aren't humans all the same? Aren't Americans and Iraqi's the same breed of humans? Why would we need flags at all then?? Burn all flags, dissolve all countries, counties, continents, nations and nationalities.... Destroy the borders, destroy the barriers.

From now on we will all be humans and carry no more nationalities. From now on all humans will be one and the same - HUMAN - so there need not be any more wars, discrimination, lack of emergency relief etc. etc... Just to make A point I'll keep a picture here of a burning US flag. As long as the President hiding under that flag is guilty of murder, lies, theft, intimidation, discrimination, and not helping people in need, it deserves to burn. The Gods are with us on this.

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