Talk is cheap

George W. Bush sure knows about making promises, too bad he can't keep 'm:

"we will do what it takes ... we will stay as long as it takes" "we will fix all the problems" "we will do everything that's necessary"

Bush said this when we found out the Iraq mission was NOT accomplished, he said this when we found out the Federal Emergency Management Agency wasn't capable of managing emergencies, he said this when we found out Bush was illegally wiretapping US citizens, he said this when there appeared to be problems with people who were on the no-fly-lists without any reason for them to be on there.

We can expect Bush to promise problem-solving with every problem the public finds out. But doesn't promise make guilt? Maybe Bush ought to shut up for a while, while he's fixing all the problems he ALREADY promised to solve. By the way, sweeping problems under the rug is NOT considered problem-solving.

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