The world can't wait, the environment can't wait, justice can't wait.

The world can't wait, the environment can't wait, justice can't wait.


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Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice refuses to learn from mistakes

Doctor (!) Rice said she was "gravely concerned" about Iran's secret operations and "its dangerous defiance of the entire international community."

My first reaction? Rolling on the floor, laughing out loud: "Look in the mirror, you retarded, ignorant, pseudo-African". Dr. Rice should take a look at her bosses secret operations and dangerous defiance of the entire international community. Here's some wisdom I'd share with the world:
- Bush is a terrorist
- Russia was never communist, calling it so is the same as calling the US energy-efficient.
- 9/11 was orchestrated by Saudi's. Not by Afghans, nor by Iraqi's
- These days 'specialists', especially intelligence specialists and doctors (!) are dumber than the majority of people.


People no longer are free to smoke at work. Factory chimneys are still not forbidden.

Yesterday something really cranked me up. I heard some high chief of the American Chamber of Commerce explain why people are no longer allowed to smoke on the job. This was his arguement: Smokers bring along costs that they do not entirely pay for themselves, like cancers from colleagues, other medical costs, lost worktime, etc... The smoker only pays for the cigarettes and doesn't pay for his friend who just got ill.

I agree with this, the arguement is correct. HOWEVER! The same arguement can put a ban on 'smoke' from any factory. Arent they 'smokers' as well? Sure they are, they also produce (very often even more!) toxic fumes, hereby bringing about costs that they do not entirely pay for themselves, like cancers from emplyees, global warming, other medical costs, etc...

Ofcourse the great economist from the chamber of commerce accidently failed to mention that. Companies have many, many more rights and freedoms than ordinary citizens. When will the world learn, when will economists learn, when will any employee from the chamber of commerce learn? Never, indeed.

Talk is cheap

George W. Bush sure knows about making promises, too bad he can't keep 'm:

"we will do what it takes ... we will stay as long as it takes" "we will fix all the problems" "we will do everything that's necessary"

Bush said this when we found out the Iraq mission was NOT accomplished, he said this when we found out the Federal Emergency Management Agency wasn't capable of managing emergencies, he said this when we found out Bush was illegally wiretapping US citizens, he said this when there appeared to be problems with people who were on the no-fly-lists without any reason for them to be on there.

We can expect Bush to promise problem-solving with every problem the public finds out. But doesn't promise make guilt? Maybe Bush ought to shut up for a while, while he's fixing all the problems he ALREADY promised to solve. By the way, sweeping problems under the rug is NOT considered problem-solving.


The Opposite of Good is Apathy ...a message from Cindy Sheehan

"The apathy of the people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestal and hasten the resurrection of the dead." William Lloyd Garrison

The apathy of most of America is stunning and appalling to me. When I found this quote I was filled with wide-eyed wonder that there is one statue left in America complete with statue, or one grave or tomb still occupied. On October 26th, as MoveOn.org was holding its candlelight vigils across the country to mourn the death of the 2000th American soldier in Iraq, I, and two dozen others, were being arrested in front of the White House protesting the carnage done in our name by the illegitimate residents therein.

Now, counting the 11 American soldiers who were pointlessly killed in George's unconscionable and brainless war of terror in the Middle East, the American "official" (?) death toll is up to 2193: 200 more families ruined in less than three months! My son, Casey, was in the first 1000 to be killed in Iraq. We reached that dismal mark by September 2004. MoveOn.org conducted candlelight vigils for that occasion. Then a little over a year later, MoveOn.org conducted candlelight vigils to commemorate the 2000th soldier. If we don't get off of our collective apathetic and complacent backsides to stop the barbaric killing in Iraq, when will the next candlelight vigil be? George Bush and the evil neocons are killing our precious soldiers at the rate of 2.78 per day. By my calculations, we should be lighting our candles again and singing "Kumbaya" by October.

This article is not intended to be an indictment of MoveOn.org which does some amazing work and were big supporters of Camp Casey. But my point is this, America: the longer we let the illegitimate pretender to the White House and his conniving and callous gang of co-conspirators to continue, the more our collective humanity is damaged. Apparently, candlelight vigils do very little to stop, or even slow down a little, the carnage committed by the war criminals in DC.

Then we have the unfortunate innocents of Iraq. I have heard reports of up to as many as 200 of them killed yesterday. So if 200 were reported, one has to really wonder what the true count was. Bill O'Reilly and George Bush define a terrorist as someone who "kills innocent men, women and children." Am I the only one who sees the irony and stunning hypocrisy in this statement?" Who do Bill and George think are being killed in Iraq? Well-trained and an organized Army? Terrorists? We all know that is false. This is who is being killed in Iraq: living breathing human beings, identical to Americans, or any other human beings on earth, who are just trying to go about their lives trying to survive in a war torn country that was no threat to America or our way of life.

"I would say 30,000 more or less have died as a result of the initial incursion and the ongoing violence against Iraqis," said George on December 12, 2005. Even if one accepts this very low guess-ti-mate by George, his policies have been responsible for ten times the 3000 deaths on September 11, 2001. By his own admission, he is ten times the terrorist that Osama ever was. If George says 30,000…who knows what the truthful total is. It fills me with sorrow and hurts my heart to even contemplate the number.

America: this is what you are allowing your government to do in your name:
Detain and torture prisoners without due process. Use chemical weapons on other members of humanity. Spy on Americans without a court order (I hope my conversations put them in a coma of boredom). Carpet bomb cities filled with human beings like yourselves. Destroy the infrastructure of other countries. Destroy the infrastructure of American cities. Cut taxes on the rich while pouring money and blood into the thirsty sands of the Middle East. Decimate our treasury. Rape the environment. Et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum.

Hillary Clinton told me that the "wheels of government grind slowly." This is a tired cliché and it is unacceptable blather while the war machine is grinding the bones of our children. (quite fast, superfast actually, I might add) It is time for us wide awake Americans to make our elected officials speed up the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. If I hear one more rendition of "We Shall Overcome" and then watch the vigilers or marchers go home and turn on their TV's and crack open a brewsky content in the fact that they have done something for peace that day, I am going to scream! We can't overcome unless we take the proverbial bull by the horns and overcome! Hold your vigils and marches in relevant places: such as warmongering local Congressional offices. So many Senators and Congresspeople come to mind. Or in front of a recruiting station. Or Federal Buildings. Or military bases. Then instead of going home and cracking open a beer, or uncorking a bottle of wine, sit down and say "we aren't leaving until you call for an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq." Put your butt on the line for humanity.

Change will not happen until we make it happen. We can't make change happen by wishing or praying that it will happen. We actually have to do something.

Cindy Sheehan is a co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace www.gsfp.org and the author of Not One More Mothers Child available at www.koabooks.com


Everyone's a potential 'terrist' to the all-paranoid 'patriots'

January 3, 2006 -- A cherubic-cheeked, 4-year-old boy almost didn't get to spend Christmas with his adoring Bronx grandparents — after clueless security heavies at two airports demanded his mom prove he's not a terrorist.

Little Edward Allen's incredulous mom yesterday angrily detailed for The Post the bureaucratic nightmare that she and her pint-sized son encountered both at La Guardia Airport and Bush Intercontinental in Houston when her son's name popped up on the feds' "no-fly" terror watch list. "They said, 'We need ID for your son.' I said, 'You're joking,' " said Houston resident Sijollie Allen, a 39-year-old payroll accountant. "The man said, 'No I'm very serious. It clearly stipulates I need ID for him.'

"I told them, 'He doesn't need any ID — he's 4 years old!' " the mom said. "It was ridiculous. You can tell he's not in any terrorist war. Would they let a terrorist in pre-K class?" Sijollie Allen said her and Edward's saga first began Dec. 21, when she and her son approached the Continental Airlines ticket counter at Bush Intercontinental to head to New York. "They just said, 'You're on the [government's no-fly] list,' " Sijollie Allen said. "I asked if we were both on the list. They said, 'No, you're not on the list. He [Edward] is,' " the mom told KTRK TV in Houston.

It turns out there is an Edward Allen on the federal Transportation Security Administration's "no-fly" list of suspected terrorists — but he's clearly not 4 years old. Continental officials finally let the boy through, after some heavy pleading from his mother for them to use "common sense." "He was upset," the mom said of her son. "When my sister picked us up at the airport [in Queens], he told her, 'Auntie, it's not my mommy — it's me that's on the list.' He doesn't even know what the list is." Sijollie Allen said she then realized that she would have just as hard a time getting back home from New York — so she cut short their vacation with her Bronx relatives to make sure she made it in time.

But she didn't know that airline security at La Guardia would prove an even worse ordeal. "In order for him to get cleared, you have to fill out a form and provide three notarized forms of ID, like a military ID or driver's license," she said. She said she had her son's birth certificate at home but doesn't have any other forms of ID for him. "We were finally allowed to fly, but they had to get special clearance to get us on the plane," she said. Continental spokesman David Messing said the airline was "conforming to TSA requirements" when it demanded that the mom provide ID for the boy, and that "these cases happen all the time."

Yolanda Clark of the security administration agreed. "The process really applies to anyone," she said of the airline security. Still, "I am going to personally pass [the case] on to the redress office," Clark said, adding that she would urge Allen to contact the office to get help directly from personnel there. Clark said she couldn't reveal anything about the real Edward Allen who is on the feds' terror list, because of security reasons. Meanwhile, Sijollie Allen said her son has quite a "What Happened to Me on My Christmas Vacation" story to tell to his friends in pre-K.

"I only wished my baby was in diapers. Then if they had asked to check and search him, I would have taken off his dirty diaper and told them to do a DNA test," the mom said.