Michael Moore and the essence of piracy

Michael Moore needs no less than two minutes to totally debunk all the unreasonable blabla about piracy and opens the doors to the definition of true piracy.

Those who have it right, believe in altruïsm and SHARING ideas, knowledge, art and wealth because they see that "all humans are in the same boat and sharing leads to quicker progress". The idiots who have it totally wrong believe in egoïsm, they stand alone in life because life is to them a war of individuals, a rat race. They "think" they need no one to go through life and they refuse to give credit to anyone else but themselves for all the blessings they get.

The real pirates are not the kids downloading and sharing Michaels movies but those big companies who are selling "intellectual property" as if they invented it. Well, let me tell you. Michael did not invent "Fahrenheit 9/11". He only tells about it, based on other documentaries he's seen and based on all the intelligence from others he has gathered over the years. Metallica did not invent music, they only built on what they had learned from others. If all the inventors that have been had lived all their life alone, influenced by no one, we'd still be in ancient times. "Intellectual property" is bull. Humans don't invent intellect or intellectual things out of nothing by themselves, we only slowly, gradually learn more and new things based on all the stuff we have learned from the past.

In one sentence: We can stand so tall now only because we are STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS. (If you don't know what I mean you better get learning)

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