The most important thing in life...

The most important thing in life..., googling this phrase already shows that Google is not it. Here's what the search engine comes up with:

"wisdom" - One of the better answers.
"love, affection and loyalty of your mate" - Bad answer.
"to learn how to give out love and to let it come in" - Maybe, seems a little too exclusive for me.
"tomorrow" - I hardly think any tomorrow is more important than the past, next!
"health" - Bad answer and quite ignorant too.

Here's what I've come up with: "The most important thing in life is... knowing what's important." If you think this is circular logic, think again. The most important thing in life is having your priorities straight, knowing what's important, what's valuable, what's useful. Forget about money and economics, not that kind of value or use, I don't mean prices. I mean real use and value to humans and beyond. I mean knowing what's more important to do, to be, to act like, to make, to learn, to teach, to know, to feel, to heal... and I don't mean for yourself alone but probably for all of mankind and all of the cosmos. Big thanks to Socrates (the real one) for letting me stand on his giant shoulders on this one.

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