AmeriCON dream

Welcome to America, country of the babyboomers. You might remember these people. They're the ones who were "doing their thing": smoking all that pot in the sixties and doing LSD in the seventies. Then they had children and suddenly their new motto was "just say no, or you go to jail", how effin convenient. These old babyboomers are the hippies from the good days, when they still upheld the notion that "love is all you need". Now, their new motto is "whoever ends up with the most stuff wins"!!! These people are my parents,... selfish, uncaring, senseless, hypocrite and racist people (you can take my word on it) and they're so scared of losing their precious money, they're prepared to throw everyone in jail! They're too stupid to be trusted with a cellphone but their votes are controlling the ENTIRE WORLD. To hell with those people, before anyone else.

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