Will Durst blasts the idiots-in-politics

This is from November, 21th:
"With the respect he's demonstrated for rule of law and his country's Constitution, you have to wonder if Pakistani President Musharraf is being advised by Karl Rove."
Mitt Romney has flip-flopped so much, I'm surprised his campaign ads don't close with "I'm Mitt Romney, and I both approve and disapprove of this message."
President Bush continues to attack the Democrats for their "tax and spend" policy. Which is totally antithetical to his, "don't tax, spend anyhow" policy.
Mayor Giuliani says Hillary Clinton, "cannot take a position and stick with it." As opposed to Rudy who is perfectly capable of sticking with a position, as long as the words "I do" aren't involved.

But, he's even better in his newest post:
"The dollar is headed downhill faster than Bode Miller on a set of rocket skis. Think nose dive. Plummetville. Plunge City. Belly Floppo Rama. Recession is such an ugly word..... Spending 2 trillion on an unnecessary war. Silly boy. Lowering taxes during that same unnecessary war. Sillier boy.....And thank god we, the general public, never fell for that whole "you got to save your money" BS and are still proud holders of the "Least Personal Savings of any Country in the Industrialized World" award. Because you know what those dollars are worth now? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing!"

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