Idiot of the week: Sean Hannity (Fox Noise)

People people, if you were ever looking for a fool, I give you... Sean Hannity. Let's run down 10 minutes of "Hannity and Colmes"-airtime and point out the total BS and inconsistencies this idiot brings out.

Grodin: ...don't say a Hollywood veteran is going to talk about the presidential election. Who said that? I 'm not going to talk about the election, that's for ratings.
Hannity: No that's to defeat Hillary ... She's terrible for this country ... any of the republicans are infinitely better than her higher taxes, her weakness on terror, her retreat from Iraq, her open borders and her destruction of the healthcare system.
[1) any republican?! 2) infinitely?! 3) Hillary, weak?! 4) the borders are already open 5) the healthcare system is already broke. Please do continue, Sean!]

Hannity:...it's not about ratings, it's about what we care about. You're insinuating it's about ratings
[Major BS alert!]

Hannity: ...left-wing extremist Charles Grodin...
Grodin: right-wing fascist Sean Hannity
Hannity:...that is so insulting!
Grodin:..if I had asked you for a mistake for my book, what would it be?
Hannity: ...I'm Christian, I think you should admit your mistakes, humble yourself...
Grodin:...name one
Hannity:..I was in trouble all the time as a kid... until I was...21...
[Major BS alert again]

Grodin: Were you indicted?
Hannity: Never... arrested? No.
Grodin: One!
[Hannity cannot admit one, he's definitely a bad Christian by this point]

Grodin: I'll tell you the lesson I learned. That even though sometimes you think you're right, like you always do...
Hannity: I do not!
[Hahahaha! He just did! Again!]

Grodin: Would you aknowledge there's too much bomb-throwing from right and left?
Hannity: Yeah, from Nancy Pelosi, (inaudible) and Harry Reid and John Murtha and John Kerry
Grodin: How about all the right-wing people like Sean Hannity?
Hannity: No, show me one example
[Hannity is so full of BS I can almost smell it]

Hannity: Give me one example where I've been a bomb-thrower
Grodin: Look at the five names you just mentioned as bomb-throwers, they're all democrats
[Forget about that, just take a look at the five minutes of airtime you just filled with your empty head and hateful rhetoric, Sean!]

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