Giving money to those that don't need it

Paul Krugman's latest column is a peach! Thanks again to both democrats and republicans another nonsensical pseudo-economic plan sees the light of day. Anyone can follow Paul's logic but for those of us with degrees in economics it's all the more shocking to see politicians making up these crappy policies. Where do they teach this bs, anyone?

"Aside from business tax breaks — which are an unhappy story for another column — the plan gives each worker making less than $75,000 a $300 check, plus additional amounts to people who make enough to pay substantial sums in income tax. This ensures that the bulk of the money would go to people who are doing O.K. financially — which misses the whole point."

"The Bush administration has apparently succeeded in killing all of these ideas, in favor of a plan that mainly gives money to those least likely to spend it."

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