Buddhism is no religion, remember it

For the last time, Buddhism is not a religion.

"Why?", you ask, nitwit? Because the Buddha was no god and never claimed to know of the existence of one, dude. Above all, Buddhism is a paradigm, a way of thinking in life.
It's main pillars are:

Non-extremism/moderation; a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and opposing self-mortification.
the Right speech, actions, effort, excercise, mindfullness, awareness, meditation, concentration, understanding
To refrain from (the usual) killing, lying, luxury,...
Want negation!

Remember kids, there's only so much Wikipedia is right about. You have to check and know for yourself sometimes. Stay in school, for Buddha's sake!


Junk science: who needs GDP anyway?

Steven Milloy is douchebag of the week, spreading the all-corporate, pseudo-free-market, pro-capitalist propaganda that doing something to fix global warming is not worth the reduction in GDP these measures would cause.

Well, Milloy, have I got news for you, because, you seem to be missing the point. Not only is all the stuff we make (this would include the cows for McDonalds, right) the cause of man-made global warming. Anyone with half a brain can see that we're making and consuming all the wrong things, and way too much of it too! Therefor, my question is: who needs the GDP we might lose to tackle global warming? I certainly will not miss any of the useless crap this so-called 'economy' is producing, it's quite frankly a disgrace. Can we think of no better stuff to make? Do we really have to waste our every natural resource on crap?

Here 's a list of things we could do without as of tomorrow, for all those too caught up in making money off them:

-Soda's & beers
-Burgers & steaks
-Diamonds & gold

Start with those and you probably already have a bigger reduction in GDP then what baby Milloy was crying for. Deal with it, you dope.


World water day: rise of the water wars

If there's two issues we need to address asap, water is one of them. The bees are probably second. Respect and a Colbert bump to Dean Kamen.


The Enron crash was nothing

Keith Olbermann's 'Bushed'. Possible criminal behaviour causing the Bear Stearns collapse. This all sounds very promising.


Help the rich, screw the poor...

Bush is in his element again, playing the backward Robin Hood that refuses to rescue the people (for it's own good!) but is all too willing to rescue Wall Street and other rich guys. Mind you that, in the meantime, he still tries to keep up the free-market-mascarade and the no-governmental-intervention and fiscal responsibility bullcrap. Somebody have this man institutionalised!


Losing your house? Here's $600.

Jon Stewart takes a look at the tanking "economy", the collapse of Bear Stearns, Bush's neverending optimism and crazy Jim Cramer from Mad Money. These people should be tasered, just to get them on track....


Paul Bremer is nuts

Paul Bremer is crazy, lunatic, out of this world. Not only would he invade Iraq again if he could, he considers his work "quite an accomplishment". No WMD's, no link to Al Qaïda, no reason whatsoever for invading Iraq as opposed to, say, invading North Korea or China. No positive side to the current situation from any angle. No reason to waste 3 trillion dollars, which led the American people to pay 7.7 trillion in total for Bush's oil-policies. What a guy, what a commander. He's quite the accomplishment alright, for a joke.


Ode an die Drogen - An ode to drugs

Sounds like someone is giving the CIA a lot of business....

Cost of Bush: $7.7 trillion

Sheldon Whitehouse shows us the graph of the week. 7.7 trillion dollars of taxpayers wasted and stolen. The great self-fulfilling prophecy of republicans: government doesn't work... for you. Meanwhile Bushco getting loaded on war profiteering....


Who needs privacy... a big secret

Stephen Colbert's 'The Word' handled privacy. I'm no fan of privacy. Basically, we all live the same life, so what's the big secret? We all breathe, eat, sleep, work, play, laugh, party, vote, fuck, marry, divorce, get depressed, get children, get old.... I can think of no rationale for privacy. Throw away your secrets everyone, live the free life. No stealing, no cheating. Cheney, open that vault of yours! Bush, show us your records, all of them! Coca-Cola, how do you waste all the water in the world? Someone, where did all the hippies go? And who took my blue suede shoes!? End privacy NOW.