We was robbed / Get your pitchfork

The Young Turks at rebel headquarters calling out executives for robbing companies clean. Outrageous paychecks and bonuses without merit before asking the government for a bailout from the people. There shouldn't be a recession, the money is in their mansions and bank accounts. Once again, the people got owned. Any good sales on pitchforks lately?


God created government

That's GOLD, Jerry! From the knuckleheads, too eager to fight fascism with fascism. Can I get a "morons" up in this motherf$%er?


Lots of blame but action, not so much

To the land of the free

Ad nauseam.


How much lipstick can one get on a pig...

I don't know what takes the cake between "the economic meltdown he prevented" and "my pet goat". Meanwhile, the rich keep getting richer no matter the state of the economy.


Money for incompetence