Belgium's SKEPP, offers € 1 million for anyone able to show paranormal abilities.

Translated to english from the original in 'Het belang van Limburg', seen here.

Anyone who thinks they have paranormal abilities, and are able to prove it, can now go knock on the door of SKEPP, the belgian network for critical evaluation of pseudo-science and the paranormal. This was already possible, but now the organisation sees things bigger. Whoever is able to kick science in the butt, no longer gets €10K, but one million euro.

In Belgium, a procedural error set a killer free after 2 months of jail.

Translated to english from the flemish paper 'Het belang van Limburg', seen here

In Belgium, it's possible that a man shoots his ex-girlfriend in the head and gets to leave prison 2 months later due to a procedural error. People are appalled, also within the justice system.

Several top lawyers have particularly crass comments on the release of Simons. Jef Vermassen let it be known that it is time to punish those responsible for similar procedural errors. "As long as there's no real sactions for those who commit these errors, errors will always be made", he said.

"In any private corporation one would be fired for such grave errors", says top attorney Sven Mary. "Not so in our justice system. We should ponder this."