It's hard out here for a CEO

Automaker CEO's get punk'd on Capitol Hill. Nice touch from Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA).


Paul Krugman wins Nobel for economics, dissects crisis

Paul Krugman makes sense of the economic crisis and the government's response, and he has something positive to say about the administration!"These are not gonna be good times, we're just trying to prevent them from being terrible times."


Taxpayers unite for the dawning revolution..

Ralph Nader and Bill Maher shred an easy prey from the National Review Online to bits and pieces. Lisa Schiffren seems incoherent, irrational, indoctrinated.... you know, like a good 'ol Republican. Check out these zingers!!

Schiffren: "Republicans rely on rational arguements, not emotional fuzzyness."
Maher: "This is the party that nominated Sarah Palin?"
Schiffren: "Of all things, how can you deny that Sarah Palin invokes warm.. (stops, crowd laughs its ass off)"

Schiffren: "All I could think this week was that people I've known my whole life at work in places like Goldman Sachs always seem like the smartest people in the room."
Nader: "You don't really believe that, do you?"
Schiffren: "Well, in many ways, yes."
Nader: "Yeah yeah, they're just so smart, they're collapsing the economy."

Schiffren: "I think it was fascinating to watch the country look at first to people like Henry Paulson who's clearly a brilliant man"
Maher: "Why do we know that?"
Nader: "Because he's jumped ship from Goldman Sachs two year ago with half a billion dollars just before it collapsed!"


Privatising public capital and publicizing private debt

Naomi Klein is at it again, even better than I've heard before. This is the true strategy behind the treasury-theft that is called the Bush administration. Ripping the taxpayer clean, putting everyone's children in debt and financing well-off friends while getting fun out of it. Ad nauseam.


Win billions by running a firm bankrupt

The Young Turks are throwing magnificent punches over executive compensation and other "bailouts" from a possible market collapse:

"Last year, as these companies lost $47 billion, they gave their executives $39 billion in bonuses. If you don't think the system is broken, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. They're ripping us off, man"

The New Depression

Paul Krugman says it's 1931 again. We're back to the Great Depression and the whole system is apparently within days of melting down, just so you know.


Tom Friedman on the Energy Technology revolution

Tom Friedman describes the latest revolution. This time it's a race for sustainable Energy Technology. In Tom's own words: "Drill, baby, drill is not the solution. Invent, baby, invent is."

Krugman on the fundamentals of the economy

Paul Krugman dismantles the Republican economic fata morgana and tries to learn McCain some basic economics.


How to hi-jack a society

Naomi Klein and the ugly truth behind disaster capitalism after Katrina in New Orleans:

"At first I thought the Green Zone phenomenon was unique to the war in Iraq. Now, after years spent in other disaster zones, I realize that the Green Zone emerges everywhere that the disaster capitalism complex descends, with the same stark partitions between the included and the excluded, the protected and the damned.

It happened in New Orleans. After the flood, an already divided city turned into a battleground between gated green zones and raging red zones--the result not of water damage but of the "free-market solutions" embraced by the president. The Bush administration refused to allow emergency funds to pay public sector salaries, and the City of New Orleans, which lost its tax base, had to fire three thousand workers in the months after Katrina. Among them were sixteen of the city's planning staff--with shades of "de Baathification," laid off at the precise moment when New Orleans was in desperate need of planners. Instead, millions of public dollars went to outside consultants, many of whom were powerful real estate developers. And of course thousands of teachers were also fired, paving the way for the conversion of dozens of public schools into charter schools, just as Friedman had called for.


Talk to the invisible hand

Jon Stewart explains how all the big corporations seem to be getting bail-outs while the people, struggling from the rough economy, are getting the sack. In Bush's own words: "the market place works", only not for his wealthy friends.


Biofuels: crime against humanity

The telegraph with a great story on how biofuels have come from being seen as a solution to a universal catastrophe.


War, funded by debt

Dianne Feinstein with the wisdom of the week. No taxes but war. No socialism but war. No economy but war. Damned be everyone that stands by.


Economics for dummies, by dummies

Lewis Black takes apart the bushlit on the economic stimulus package. 600 dollars says the madministration doesn't care, 6 trillion dollars says the surge is working.


End Capitalism Now

Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, calls for the end of capitalism. Clearly we are wasting the planet away. Redesigning our markets and companies will not cut it, we cannot buy ourselves out of trouble with more efficiënt products. This time around we need a revolution of all the people. The words "we're screwed" come to mind...


Saving the planet with 9 billion people

Jeffrey Sachs discusses the big issue.