Obama on Jay Leno's Tonight Show


Obama makes copyright a secret of national security

How's this for an embarrassement to the transparency-in-chief. Obama makes the copyright treaty secret on grounds of national security. Is this a joke?

Go here and here.

Send in the clowns

Tucker Carlson rips Jon Stewart a new one... not. Instead he proves who the real clowns are. Thank God - or Allah or G'nesh or whoever - that show got cancelled. Oh, the hackery.


Stimulus? No thanks!

Obama's money is no good for South Carolina it seems.


A bad deal in a nation of hypocrites

Professor Turley setting the records straight for justice's sake.


The deficit is Obama's fault

Marsha Blackburn spinning away, barely avoiding chutzpah.


Bye Bush

Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you...


The final Bushisms

Bush's last press conference. When you hear something laughable, try to remember the pain this dude caused so many people. The man's a joke.


Glenn Beck, ignoramus and hypocrite

Glenn Beck is still on the loose. It's mindpuzzling how he remains a free man after showing the world his lunacy for so many years... He needs treatment, bad.


We was robbed / Get your pitchfork

The Young Turks at rebel headquarters calling out executives for robbing companies clean. Outrageous paychecks and bonuses without merit before asking the government for a bailout from the people. There shouldn't be a recession, the money is in their mansions and bank accounts. Once again, the people got owned. Any good sales on pitchforks lately?


Lots of blame but action, not so much


How much lipstick can one get on a pig...

I don't know what takes the cake between "the economic meltdown he prevented" and "my pet goat". Meanwhile, the rich keep getting richer no matter the state of the economy.


Money for incompetence


Obama still Un-American

Stupid they come, stupid they go...


"World leaders" refuse to shake Bush's hand

"World leaders" you say? They couldn't lead Bush away from Iraq,.. those are some leaders you have there.