Nailin' Palin

Jon Stewart gives the Obama team a little ammo and takes apart some Republican rhetoric, specifically about their VP Palin.


Red state idiocracy

Paul F. Tompkins explains why the red states are the root of all evil.


How much truth can you handle

Dennis Kucinich tries to tell more truth than anyone can handle in little over 4 minutes. Sure, some could cast an even greater light onto the essential issues that need tackling. Just note that they sure can bark, some of these democrats, I only hope they'll be showing the spine to go with that as soon as they get the presidency. Wake up, Pelosi!


Bush tours disaster area of his presidency

Onion Classic!


Talk to the invisible hand

Jon Stewart explains how all the big corporations seem to be getting bail-outs while the people, struggling from the rough economy, are getting the sack. In Bush's own words: "the market place works", only not for his wealthy friends.


If this is winning, what would losing look like ?

Rachel Maddow with a brilliant piece on civil liberties and the Bushed logic on winning the war on terrorism.


War, funded by debt

Dianne Feinstein with the wisdom of the week. No taxes but war. No socialism but war. No economy but war. Damned be everyone that stands by.


PR people lie, for a living

The truth on PR people and disinformation/misinformation/lies. Also, did you realize that all advertisements are true? Red Bull really does give you wings.


We don't know where the money is going

Olbermann was great again. Bush's greatness,... hillarious...


Bloody war through the eyes of a soldier


Right is wrong: the Bush legacy

A very good overview of the 'problems' with the Right, condensed into a great singalong. Let's change course please....


Inhumans, idiots and animals


Shut... the hell... up

Keith Olbermann's special comment on the latest bushlit. Shame on McSame and anyone who still pushes the lie that republicans have an edge on national security.

How evil can one be while keeping a straight face? Pretty damn evil, as Bush proved.

Playing golf during a war sends the wrong signal. Mucking with a guitar during a national disaster and doing nothing while the country is under attack are still A-OK. War crimes are nothing. Try crimes against humanity.


Economics for dummies, by dummies

Lewis Black takes apart the bushlit on the economic stimulus package. 600 dollars says the madministration doesn't care, 6 trillion dollars says the surge is working.


Idiots and the bitter elite

Bill Maher's New Rules. I have absolutely nothing to add...