Proud to be elite and caring....

What a week it's been for American politics. Earlier we had Cheney doing a stand-up routine on the current political issues, now we have John Edwards doing Stephen Colbert's "The Word".

Maybe it's me but, again, no word whatsoever about the war that cost 3 trillion in tax payer dollars, 4000 in American soldiers and all of the goodwill the US had after 9/11. Even the pope (!) said during his visit to the US that most problems of humanity would be solved if only we solve human rights issues. Although that is probably true, it is easier said than actually fixing the debacle that is called Iraq and the war crimes and other injustices behind it.


Darth Vader does stand-up comedy

Dick Cheney can read! We should use it against him. Too bad he avoids the war. Maybe he considered it not funny.


Hillary laughs off her lapse of reason

Chris Matthews: "I'm not sure people will go for that"... No kidding, Chris.


Paul Bremer is nuts

Paul Bremer is crazy, lunatic, out of this world. Not only would he invade Iraq again if he could, he considers his work "quite an accomplishment". No WMD's, no link to Al Qaïda, no reason whatsoever for invading Iraq as opposed to, say, invading North Korea or China. No positive side to the current situation from any angle. No reason to waste 3 trillion dollars, which led the American people to pay 7.7 trillion in total for Bush's oil-policies. What a guy, what a commander. He's quite the accomplishment alright, for a joke.


Power to the babies

Ralph Nader with another brilliant exchange on Meet the Press, announcing his presidential bid. He could sure do a better job than any of the candidates we've seen so far, but why did we have to miss him in all the debates. At least he would've been making some sense amidst all the empty rhetoric about change, hope, terror and other bs.


When Cheney shot his old friend in the face

It's been one year since vice president Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face while hunting for quail. One of many errors from the guy Bush refers to as the best vice president in history. Ow, how they kid.


Republicans hate their choice between Bush-lookalikes

Nearly half the Repulican voters in the Michigan primary were "angry" or "dissatisfied" with president Bush's performance, yet only one in seven Republican candidates seems willing to look even remotely different from Bush and reshape the Bush-economy. What a great choice they have between Bush-light and Bush-double-the-insanity.


On democracy and dictatorship

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria gives Jon Stewart the wisdom of the week.


Defending the indefensible: Iraq

Great exchange on Bill Maher's show about American politics and warfare. Man, man, Tony Snow is so full of BS, it's hard to know where to begin. How about here: a wise man once said 'it's better to be roughly right than exactly wrong". Well then, why were all Bush's backseat generals on tv claiming the victory would be swift, that they'd be greeted as liberators, that they knew where the Iraqi WMD's were, and so on and so on. Tony Snow is a disgrace to journalism, I know people who haven't read a single book in their entire lives and could still do a better job than Tony. We really need to publicly execute the Bushy Bunch as it's clearly too late for them to grow a conscience or a rational brain.


Michael Moore slams presidential wannabees

Michael Moore's word was so good I couldn't wait to get you the best pieces:

I am sad to say, nothing has disappointed me more than the disastrous, premeditated vote by Senator Hillary Clinton to send us to war in Iraq. ... All she can bring herself to say is that she was "misled" by "faulty intelligence." Let's assume that's true. Do you want a President who is so easily misled? I wasn't "misled," and millions of others who took to the streets in February of 2003 weren't "misled" either.

Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air. But who is he? Other than a guy who gives a great speech? I know he was against the war. How do I know that? He gave a speech before the war started. But since he joined the senate, he has voted for the funds for the war, while at the same time saying we should get out. He says he's for the little guy, but then he votes for a corporate-backed bill to make it harder for the little guy to file a class action suit.... He's such a feel-good kinda guy, I get the sense that, if elected, the Republicans will eat him for breakfast. He won't even have time to make a good speech about it.

And then there's John Edwards. It's hard to get past the hair, isn't it? But once you do -- and recently I have chosen to try -- you find a man who is out to take on the wealthy and powerful who have made life so miserable for so many. A candidate who says things like this: "I absolutely believe to my soul that this corporate greed and corporate power has an ironclad hold on our democracy." Whoa!

I am not endorsing anyone at this point. This is simply how I feel in the first week of the process to replace George W. Bush. For months I've been wanting to ask the question, "Where are you, Al Gore?" You can only polish that Oscar for so long. And the Nobel was decided by Scandinavians! I don't blame you for not wanting to enter the viper pit again after you already won. But getting us to change out our incandescent light bulbs for some irritating fluorescent ones isn't going to save the world. All it's going to do is make us more agitated and jumpy and feeling like once we get home we haven't really left the office.

On second thought, would you even be willing to utter the words, "I absolutely believe to my soul that this corporate greed and corporate power has an ironclad hold on our democracy?" 'Cause the candidate who understands that, and who sees it as the root of all evil -- including the root of global warming -- is the President who may lead us to a place of sanity, justice and peace.


Gifts and wishes for a better new year

This one is dedicated to the self-acclaimed peoplepleasers that are politicians and corporations. How about giving the people what they really need in 2008? How about giving water to Africa instead of selling Coca-Cola in the West? How about helping the people make a real change in the new year? How about spending trillions on renewable energy and removing all the weapons of the world? How about we stop buying the life we don't need and start giving what life needs from us? It's so hard to find our way....


Conservatives can be cuddly, on christmas

Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani released quite embarrassing christmas ads recently. There's something very creepy about seeing these stupid white men acting all nice, cuddly and understanding in their red sweaters and I know why. It's because they're the same men who support Bush in his unjust war in Iraq. They would torture their enemies, spy on their countrymen and shut off the borders to their neighbours only to commend everyone else to stick with the ten commandments. Pitiful to say the least.


Idiot of the week: Sean Hannity (Fox Noise)

People people, if you were ever looking for a fool, I give you... Sean Hannity. Let's run down 10 minutes of "Hannity and Colmes"-airtime and point out the total BS and inconsistencies this idiot brings out.

Grodin: ...don't say a Hollywood veteran is going to talk about the presidential election. Who said that? I 'm not going to talk about the election, that's for ratings.
Hannity: No that's to defeat Hillary ... She's terrible for this country ... any of the republicans are infinitely better than her higher taxes, her weakness on terror, her retreat from Iraq, her open borders and her destruction of the healthcare system.
[1) any republican?! 2) infinitely?! 3) Hillary, weak?! 4) the borders are already open 5) the healthcare system is already broke. Please do continue, Sean!]

Hannity:...it's not about ratings, it's about what we care about. You're insinuating it's about ratings
[Major BS alert!]

Hannity: ...left-wing extremist Charles Grodin...
Grodin: right-wing fascist Sean Hannity
Hannity:...that is so insulting!
Grodin:..if I had asked you for a mistake for my book, what would it be?
Hannity: ...I'm Christian, I think you should admit your mistakes, humble yourself...
Grodin:...name one
Hannity:..I was in trouble all the time as a kid... until I was...21...
[Major BS alert again]

Grodin: Were you indicted?
Hannity: Never... arrested? No.
Grodin: One!
[Hannity cannot admit one, he's definitely a bad Christian by this point]

Grodin: I'll tell you the lesson I learned. That even though sometimes you think you're right, like you always do...
Hannity: I do not!
[Hahahaha! He just did! Again!]

Grodin: Would you aknowledge there's too much bomb-throwing from right and left?
Hannity: Yeah, from Nancy Pelosi, (inaudible) and Harry Reid and John Murtha and John Kerry
Grodin: How about all the right-wing people like Sean Hannity?
Hannity: No, show me one example
[Hannity is so full of BS I can almost smell it]

Hannity: Give me one example where I've been a bomb-thrower
Grodin: Look at the five names you just mentioned as bomb-throwers, they're all democrats
[Forget about that, just take a look at the five minutes of airtime you just filled with your empty head and hateful rhetoric, Sean!]


Santa Clause for president!

Lewis Black has the last laugh. It boggles the mind how people can actually listen to this stuff and still vote for the same old stupid politicians as always. You know the kind, the kind that doesn't give a thing about the people and what they really need. The kind that only knows how to play the public like a guitar and gets all the right questions from the right pseudo-journalists. If people like Lewis would be White House Press Secretary, no need to hold the comments for ongoing investigations, just grab a pen and hold on to it for dear life!


George Bush has no business being president...

Keith Olbermann with the special comment of the week everybody. George Bush (still!) has no business being president. Why? Well, there's the 2000 election, the war in Iraq, Katrina, torture, illegal wiretapping, giving tax cuts for the rich while running a deficit from here to Mars and, well...lying about almost everything. Have your pick.