Palin still ignorant on what VP does

Keith Olbermann educates Sarah Palin on what it is the Vice President is supposed to do. Palin looks like Bush with boobies: too stupid to let procreate. As Lewis Black would put it, we're supposed to be getting screwed by the best, certainly not by these mediocre dickwads. I can hear the late George Carlin's echoes: "Can I get pissed damnit!?".


Taxpayers unite for the dawning revolution..

Ralph Nader and Bill Maher shred an easy prey from the National Review Online to bits and pieces. Lisa Schiffren seems incoherent, irrational, indoctrinated.... you know, like a good 'ol Republican. Check out these zingers!!

Schiffren: "Republicans rely on rational arguements, not emotional fuzzyness."
Maher: "This is the party that nominated Sarah Palin?"
Schiffren: "Of all things, how can you deny that Sarah Palin invokes warm.. (stops, crowd laughs its ass off)"

Schiffren: "All I could think this week was that people I've known my whole life at work in places like Goldman Sachs always seem like the smartest people in the room."
Nader: "You don't really believe that, do you?"
Schiffren: "Well, in many ways, yes."
Nader: "Yeah yeah, they're just so smart, they're collapsing the economy."

Schiffren: "I think it was fascinating to watch the country look at first to people like Henry Paulson who's clearly a brilliant man"
Maher: "Why do we know that?"
Nader: "Because he's jumped ship from Goldman Sachs two year ago with half a billion dollars just before it collapsed!"


Religion unites the stupid

Bill Maher tears down any religion to conclude nobody knows anything for sure and only the certain are definitely crazy.


Play with evolution: Spore

This must be the game idea of the century so far.
Above is a short teaser on msnbc, below is a more elaborate presentation on Youtube.


How to hi-jack a society

Naomi Klein and the ugly truth behind disaster capitalism after Katrina in New Orleans:

"At first I thought the Green Zone phenomenon was unique to the war in Iraq. Now, after years spent in other disaster zones, I realize that the Green Zone emerges everywhere that the disaster capitalism complex descends, with the same stark partitions between the included and the excluded, the protected and the damned.

It happened in New Orleans. After the flood, an already divided city turned into a battleground between gated green zones and raging red zones--the result not of water damage but of the "free-market solutions" embraced by the president. The Bush administration refused to allow emergency funds to pay public sector salaries, and the City of New Orleans, which lost its tax base, had to fire three thousand workers in the months after Katrina. Among them were sixteen of the city's planning staff--with shades of "de Baathification," laid off at the precise moment when New Orleans was in desperate need of planners. Instead, millions of public dollars went to outside consultants, many of whom were powerful real estate developers. And of course thousands of teachers were also fired, paving the way for the conversion of dozens of public schools into charter schools, just as Friedman had called for.


The age of unreason

Susan Jacoby and Stephen Colbert analyze the age of unreason. As it turns out, watching tv all the time and not reading any books at all is making/keeping humanity retarded.

Help, we're in the Dark Ages again. Anyone got a light?


Beer vs weed: the case for marijuhana

Andrew Daly makes the best case against drinking beer. May the potsmokers find comfort in the fact that they're less annoying than the beerdrinkers, which was certainly not news to me.


Immigration: the end of civilisation

Lewis Black rips Pat Buchanan and his book on the 'threat' 'immigration' 'poses' to 'society' and 'civilisation'. Cheer for Pat's people reproducing ever less stupid white men!


Those of the eighties

An Olaerts in Vacature:

Those of the eighties can text with two thumbs simultaneously. And that says it all. Those of the eighties have never sprained an ankle on a loloball. They've never freed princesses from the arms of Donkey Kong. They confuse Chevignon with warm cheese. Sue Ellen sounds like a brand of tampons to them. They couldn't go to sports camp because the sports forest was full of sexual predators. Instead they went to ski camp because there are no rushing bushes in the mountains. They've never heard of the loco-box. They collected pictures of the Power Rangers, even though now they act as if Kurt Cobain is the flag that covers their load. Let 'm do, those of the eighties. They're certainly not an asset to the labour market.

Those of the eighties pasted their thesis together or are doing so. They have internet. While surfing, they are so isolated they believe they're the only ones that use Google. They copy/paste without shame and don't need money to save for a CD. Those of the eighties take it all from the net. Copied copies of copies of exam questions are gone. The questions and answers can now be found on the forum of the student organization. They even all have a cell by the way. They MSN before going out.

Big fucking deal, those of the eighties say. They don't care they're rotten spoiled. And bosses can keep complaining that they can't find anyone. That all they get are resumes with typos and lies. That those of the eighties sometimes even forget to copy/paste the name of the company in their letters. Sometimes they don't even send anything and simply mail their cellphone number to the HR-manager. And when they come for an interview, those of the eighties, they want it all on the spot: a company car, a MacBook and 2000 euros net. Furthermore they'll negotiate group insurances, sliding working hours that can slide no further than six o'clock and they'll insist on four weeks of vacation in june, so they can go to Laos outside of the season. Next to that their job has to be variating. Those of the eighties want space for creativity and independence, but without the stress or insecurity. Otherwise they'll text their friends during the interview: "Yuck, this job is nothing for me. That bitch from HR has a greasy head anyway. Up your ass. I'm out of here." And than those of the seventies are shocked!


A nation of sheep and their stolen freedom

Judge Andrew Napolitano says it as it is. Poor sheople are we.


How to beat the middle class

Lou Dobbs proves once more there's not many topics Americans can talk or write about without using the word 'war'. Esteban Colberto has crossed the border to help him make some sense of it all. Classic Colbert!


On democracy and dictatorship

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria gives Jon Stewart the wisdom of the week.


Fast loot nation: the rich getting richer much faster

I call your $383.4 billion and raise you $141.4 billion, said the richest (one) percent of Americans to the poorest twenty percent, using only their pay raises from '03 to '05.

The increase in incomes of the top 1 percent of Americans from 2003 to 2005 exceeded the total income of the poorest 20 percent of Americans, data in a new report by the Congressional Budget Office shows. (In other words: the richest percent got a pay raise bigger than the pay check of the poorest 20 percent)

The poorest fifth of households had total income of $383.4 billion in 2005, while just the increase in income for the top 1 percent came to $524.8 billion, a figure 37 percent higher.

No need to panic folks. We know we can rest assured that the wealthy will invest it all into multiplying our outsourced jobs in Asia and buying even more raw materials from undemocratic countries in Africa and elsewhere. Meanwhile the American deficit is $9 trillion. And then they dare say Bush's tax cuts for the superrich are unjustified! Oh, the humanity.


Will Durst blasts the idiots-in-politics

This is from November, 21th:
"With the respect he's demonstrated for rule of law and his country's Constitution, you have to wonder if Pakistani President Musharraf is being advised by Karl Rove."
Mitt Romney has flip-flopped so much, I'm surprised his campaign ads don't close with "I'm Mitt Romney, and I both approve and disapprove of this message."
President Bush continues to attack the Democrats for their "tax and spend" policy. Which is totally antithetical to his, "don't tax, spend anyhow" policy.
Mayor Giuliani says Hillary Clinton, "cannot take a position and stick with it." As opposed to Rudy who is perfectly capable of sticking with a position, as long as the words "I do" aren't involved.

But, he's even better in his newest post:
"The dollar is headed downhill faster than Bode Miller on a set of rocket skis. Think nose dive. Plummetville. Plunge City. Belly Floppo Rama. Recession is such an ugly word..... Spending 2 trillion on an unnecessary war. Silly boy. Lowering taxes during that same unnecessary war. Sillier boy.....And thank god we, the general public, never fell for that whole "you got to save your money" BS and are still proud holders of the "Least Personal Savings of any Country in the Industrialized World" award. Because you know what those dollars are worth now? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing!"


Al Gore is hostile to human civilization

Tucker Carlson, living it up, everybody. He'll be mediahistory soon but until then we can be sure to find the looniest of claims whenever he's on the air.

"I think Gore would have been a disaster as president. We'd have been living in the Dark Ages. I think he's fundamentally hostile to human civilization. And a phony."
SIMON: Would we be fighting a war in Iraq?
CARLSON: We would likely be not, not be fighting a war in Iraq. We'd also be living in yurts in the dark, and that would be maybe almost as bad.

Hysterical Tucker! If only it were true...