Money for incompetence


Obama still Un-American

Stupid they come, stupid they go...


"World leaders" refuse to shake Bush's hand

"World leaders" you say? They couldn't lead Bush away from Iraq,.. those are some leaders you have there.


It's hard out here for a CEO

Automaker CEO's get punk'd on Capitol Hill. Nice touch from Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA).


Worst precedent from the worst President

The president and his aides seem to be above the law after all, you don't say.


America is #1 again!

Congratulations to all Americans! Enjoy your history in the making and celebrate the freedoms that made it all possible. Keep up the change.


What is wrong with the world today


Politics is a joke

Stephen Colbert, evidently.


Palin still ignorant on what VP does

Keith Olbermann educates Sarah Palin on what it is the Vice President is supposed to do. Palin looks like Bush with boobies: too stupid to let procreate. As Lewis Black would put it, we're supposed to be getting screwed by the best, certainly not by these mediocre dickwads. I can hear the late George Carlin's echoes: "Can I get pissed damnit!?".

Arresting Karl Rove

An obviously sensible woman tries to arrest Karl Rove for treason. You could probably add election fraude, treasury theft, war crimes and multiple abuses of power to the list, but hey, who's counting, right. What kind of a name is Karl anyway. Sounds a little German if you ask me. Go figure.


Richard Lewis takes over the Daily Show

Richard Lewis starts off a rant against all the insanity in his and our lives. Religion and Republicans have to go.


Paul Krugman wins Nobel for economics, dissects crisis

Paul Krugman makes sense of the economic crisis and the government's response, and he has something positive to say about the administration!"These are not gonna be good times, we're just trying to prevent them from being terrible times."


Taxpayers unite for the dawning revolution..

Ralph Nader and Bill Maher shred an easy prey from the National Review Online to bits and pieces. Lisa Schiffren seems incoherent, irrational, indoctrinated.... you know, like a good 'ol Republican. Check out these zingers!!

Schiffren: "Republicans rely on rational arguements, not emotional fuzzyness."
Maher: "This is the party that nominated Sarah Palin?"
Schiffren: "Of all things, how can you deny that Sarah Palin invokes warm.. (stops, crowd laughs its ass off)"

Schiffren: "All I could think this week was that people I've known my whole life at work in places like Goldman Sachs always seem like the smartest people in the room."
Nader: "You don't really believe that, do you?"
Schiffren: "Well, in many ways, yes."
Nader: "Yeah yeah, they're just so smart, they're collapsing the economy."

Schiffren: "I think it was fascinating to watch the country look at first to people like Henry Paulson who's clearly a brilliant man"
Maher: "Why do we know that?"
Nader: "Because he's jumped ship from Goldman Sachs two year ago with half a billion dollars just before it collapsed!"


Privatising public capital and publicizing private debt

Naomi Klein is at it again, even better than I've heard before. This is the true strategy behind the treasury-theft that is called the Bush administration. Ripping the taxpayer clean, putting everyone's children in debt and financing well-off friends while getting fun out of it. Ad nauseam.


Religion unites the stupid

Bill Maher tears down any religion to conclude nobody knows anything for sure and only the certain are definitely crazy.