End Capitalism Now

Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, calls for the end of capitalism. Clearly we are wasting the planet away. Redesigning our markets and companies will not cut it, we cannot buy ourselves out of trouble with more efficiënt products. This time around we need a revolution of all the people. The words "we're screwed" come to mind...


The age of unreason

Susan Jacoby and Stephen Colbert analyze the age of unreason. As it turns out, watching tv all the time and not reading any books at all is making/keeping humanity retarded.

Help, we're in the Dark Ages again. Anyone got a light?


Saving the planet with 9 billion people

Jeffrey Sachs discusses the big issue.


Idiots and the bitter elite

Bill Maher's New Rules. I have absolutely nothing to add...


Is your momma a whore? No disrespect...

Jon Stewart explains exactly what was wrong with ABC's 'debate': the moderators.

George Stephanopolus and Charlie Gibson were an absolute disgrace, asking one ridiculous question after another. The lunacy was not in the subject of the questions, rather in the phrasing of them.

"I would like to ask Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopolus why their debate sucked. I'm not questioning their journalism, it f** sucked!"


Proud to be elite and caring....

What a week it's been for American politics. Earlier we had Cheney doing a stand-up routine on the current political issues, now we have John Edwards doing Stephen Colbert's "The Word".

Maybe it's me but, again, no word whatsoever about the war that cost 3 trillion in tax payer dollars, 4000 in American soldiers and all of the goodwill the US had after 9/11. Even the pope (!) said during his visit to the US that most problems of humanity would be solved if only we solve human rights issues. Although that is probably true, it is easier said than actually fixing the debacle that is called Iraq and the war crimes and other injustices behind it.


Darth Vader does stand-up comedy

Dick Cheney can read! We should use it against him. Too bad he avoids the war. Maybe he considered it not funny.


Go Fox yourself

John Oliver with a brilliant summary of the "fair and balanced" Fox 'News'-approach:

Clinton?! Bad! Bush?! Good! Democrat?! Bad! Republican?! Good! People?! Bad! Companies?! Good! Taxes?! Bad! War?! Good!.... please do carry on.


Tell-lie-vision rules the nation

Phil Donahue hits Hannity where it hurts: terrorism.

Hannity brought up plenty of nonsense as usual: "...totalitarian communism was evil...". Hate to break it to you, Sean, but there's no such thing as totalitarian communism. Certainly the West has never seen much communism in any true meaning of the word. Socialism might have been inspired by it and improved things a great deal, but it's a sorry substitute for the basic underpinnings of communist thought.


Hillary laughs off her lapse of reason

Chris Matthews: "I'm not sure people will go for that"... No kidding, Chris.


Beer vs weed: the case for marijuhana

Andrew Daly makes the best case against drinking beer. May the potsmokers find comfort in the fact that they're less annoying than the beerdrinkers, which was certainly not news to me.


Buddhism is no religion, remember it

For the last time, Buddhism is not a religion.

"Why?", you ask, nitwit? Because the Buddha was no god and never claimed to know of the existence of one, dude. Above all, Buddhism is a paradigm, a way of thinking in life.
It's main pillars are:

Non-extremism/moderation; a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and opposing self-mortification.
the Right speech, actions, effort, excercise, mindfullness, awareness, meditation, concentration, understanding
To refrain from (the usual) killing, lying, luxury,...
Want negation!

Remember kids, there's only so much Wikipedia is right about. You have to check and know for yourself sometimes. Stay in school, for Buddha's sake!


Junk science: who needs GDP anyway?

Steven Milloy is douchebag of the week, spreading the all-corporate, pseudo-free-market, pro-capitalist propaganda that doing something to fix global warming is not worth the reduction in GDP these measures would cause.

Well, Milloy, have I got news for you, because, you seem to be missing the point. Not only is all the stuff we make (this would include the cows for McDonalds, right) the cause of man-made global warming. Anyone with half a brain can see that we're making and consuming all the wrong things, and way too much of it too! Therefor, my question is: who needs the GDP we might lose to tackle global warming? I certainly will not miss any of the useless crap this so-called 'economy' is producing, it's quite frankly a disgrace. Can we think of no better stuff to make? Do we really have to waste our every natural resource on crap?

Here 's a list of things we could do without as of tomorrow, for all those too caught up in making money off them:

-Soda's & beers
-Burgers & steaks
-Diamonds & gold

Start with those and you probably already have a bigger reduction in GDP then what baby Milloy was crying for. Deal with it, you dope.


World water day: rise of the water wars

If there's two issues we need to address asap, water is one of them. The bees are probably second. Respect and a Colbert bump to Dean Kamen.


The Enron crash was nothing

Keith Olbermann's 'Bushed'. Possible criminal behaviour causing the Bear Stearns collapse. This all sounds very promising.