Lessons from a dutch Julian Assange, Chris Hölsken

Instead of telling you what I don't know about the Assange-schebackle, let me tell you about a case involving the mayor of our neighbouring town. Chris Hölsken brought the anger of that mayor upon himself when he called the town a pedovillage on his website that fights against child porn and informs the public of pedophiles. This all happened a while ago, but this very week it was in the news again. What happened, you ask?

Well, for the second night in a row, someone has thrown a rock through the window of a house in the town. The inhabitants were mentioned on the website. So the mayor and the minister of justice simply want to remove the site asap, because they won't have it that citizens start taking justice in their own hands. Both politicians are trying hard to take the website down, and are now investigating if they can hold Hölsken responsible for the damage caused.

Translating to the Assange-case, how likely is it they'll hold Julian responsible for future terrorist attacks? What is really the problem here for anyone? If this is the information age, can we at least learn to deal with its freedom? Both these websites have proven merits, they're only making a common error as explained in Jon Stewart's words : Stop with the drama already, we're not that easily impressed. We know our governments lie to us, we know there are pedophiles in our neighbourhoods and families.

They both can have their websites, but they should act like adults, not like mud-flinging kiddies.


Afghanistan is longest war in US, beating Vietnam

Party in the White House... Yes, we can!


Obama on Jay Leno's Tonight Show


Bye Bush

Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you...


God created government

That's GOLD, Jerry! From the knuckleheads, too eager to fight fascism with fascism. Can I get a "morons" up in this motherf$%er?


Lots of blame but action, not so much


Palin still ignorant on what VP does

Keith Olbermann educates Sarah Palin on what it is the Vice President is supposed to do. Palin looks like Bush with boobies: too stupid to let procreate. As Lewis Black would put it, we're supposed to be getting screwed by the best, certainly not by these mediocre dickwads. I can hear the late George Carlin's echoes: "Can I get pissed damnit!?".


Privatising public capital and publicizing private debt

Naomi Klein is at it again, even better than I've heard before. This is the true strategy behind the treasury-theft that is called the Bush administration. Ripping the taxpayer clean, putting everyone's children in debt and financing well-off friends while getting fun out of it. Ad nauseam.


Win billions by running a firm bankrupt

The Young Turks are throwing magnificent punches over executive compensation and other "bailouts" from a possible market collapse:

"Last year, as these companies lost $47 billion, they gave their executives $39 billion in bonuses. If you don't think the system is broken, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. They're ripping us off, man"


How to hi-jack a society

Naomi Klein and the ugly truth behind disaster capitalism after Katrina in New Orleans:

"At first I thought the Green Zone phenomenon was unique to the war in Iraq. Now, after years spent in other disaster zones, I realize that the Green Zone emerges everywhere that the disaster capitalism complex descends, with the same stark partitions between the included and the excluded, the protected and the damned.

It happened in New Orleans. After the flood, an already divided city turned into a battleground between gated green zones and raging red zones--the result not of water damage but of the "free-market solutions" embraced by the president. The Bush administration refused to allow emergency funds to pay public sector salaries, and the City of New Orleans, which lost its tax base, had to fire three thousand workers in the months after Katrina. Among them were sixteen of the city's planning staff--with shades of "de Baathification," laid off at the precise moment when New Orleans was in desperate need of planners. Instead, millions of public dollars went to outside consultants, many of whom were powerful real estate developers. And of course thousands of teachers were also fired, paving the way for the conversion of dozens of public schools into charter schools, just as Friedman had called for.


Cost of Bush: $7.7 trillion

Sheldon Whitehouse shows us the graph of the week. 7.7 trillion dollars of taxpayers wasted and stolen. The great self-fulfilling prophecy of republicans: government doesn't work... for you. Meanwhile Bushco getting loaded on war profiteering....


Karl Rove and fascist tactics

Dan Abrams keeps digging up the dirt around the Don Siegelman story. It's a thriller, only a non-fictional one! Oh, the stupidity.


The best clown in history

Bush, the lame duck puppet president everybody. Give him some laughter because you know it's not wise to argue with mad men. People may not see the difference.... Here's to another loooong year of injustice, inequality, abuse, hypocrisy and schutzpah under the greatest VP in history. Headshot anyone?


Shoot the dog

Happy birthday to Keith Olbermann! Another classic worst persons in the world. Bush leaving office, there's a thought. Seems to me like we can only keep him from running the country now by shooting him, oh irony. Bush is running it still though in spite of justice, common sense, public opinion and conventional wisdom!


Evil governments rip off taxpayers

David Cay Johnston explains the workings of the government-as-Bush-likes-it. Pretty heavy material, don't take it on a weak stomach. Accountability is a joke.

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