Lessons from a dutch Julian Assange, Chris Hölsken

Instead of telling you what I don't know about the Assange-schebackle, let me tell you about a case involving the mayor of our neighbouring town. Chris Hölsken brought the anger of that mayor upon himself when he called the town a pedovillage on his website that fights against child porn and informs the public of pedophiles. This all happened a while ago, but this very week it was in the news again. What happened, you ask?

Well, for the second night in a row, someone has thrown a rock through the window of a house in the town. The inhabitants were mentioned on the website. So the mayor and the minister of justice simply want to remove the site asap, because they won't have it that citizens start taking justice in their own hands. Both politicians are trying hard to take the website down, and are now investigating if they can hold Hölsken responsible for the damage caused.

Translating to the Assange-case, how likely is it they'll hold Julian responsible for future terrorist attacks? What is really the problem here for anyone? If this is the information age, can we at least learn to deal with its freedom? Both these websites have proven merits, they're only making a common error as explained in Jon Stewart's words : Stop with the drama already, we're not that easily impressed. We know our governments lie to us, we know there are pedophiles in our neighbourhoods and families.

They both can have their websites, but they should act like adults, not like mud-flinging kiddies.


Church is not the place to help the poor


Jusice delayed, justice denied... it's the CIA


Property is theft



Obama makes copyright a secret of national security

How's this for an embarrassement to the transparency-in-chief. Obama makes the copyright treaty secret on grounds of national security. Is this a joke?

Go here and here.


A bad deal in a nation of hypocrites

Professor Turley setting the records straight for justice's sake.


War on drugs, they told me

Man, don't tell me about love and peace
when one of the Joneses has a hand gun pointed at me
Don't tell me to just say no
I'm an addict, I say no to letting it go
Whatever happened to sex, drugs and rock'n roll
now we just have AIDS, crack and techno

Nuff said, discussion closed. Next!


To the land of the free

Ad nauseam.


Arresting Karl Rove

An obviously sensible woman tries to arrest Karl Rove for treason. You could probably add election fraude, treasury theft, war crimes and multiple abuses of power to the list, but hey, who's counting, right. What kind of a name is Karl anyway. Sounds a little German if you ask me. Go figure.


Redefining crime and offense

Attorney General Mukasey: "Not every violation of the law is a crime".
Lying about cheating on your wife remains, however, an impeachable offense!
Lying the country into war? Hmm, not so much.


Ode an die Drogen - An ode to drugs

Sounds like someone is giving the CIA a lot of business....


Who needs privacy... a big secret

Stephen Colbert's 'The Word' handled privacy. I'm no fan of privacy. Basically, we all live the same life, so what's the big secret? We all breathe, eat, sleep, work, play, laugh, party, vote, fuck, marry, divorce, get depressed, get children, get old.... I can think of no rationale for privacy. Throw away your secrets everyone, live the free life. No stealing, no cheating. Cheney, open that vault of yours! Bush, show us your records, all of them! Coca-Cola, how do you waste all the water in the world? Someone, where did all the hippies go? And who took my blue suede shoes!? End privacy NOW.


Clean language? Bite me.

I've been keeping my very own Lewis Black week, clustered to my monitor watching everything that can be found on ComedyCentral, and it is great. Here's Lewis on my all-time favorite subject: 'foul' language. The joke's on anyone trying to keep people in the media from using 'profanity'. Keep your funking ears open!


You have no rights....

If you're happy the weekend landed, be advised that the following from DemocracyNOW may twist your gut.

The FBI has launched a clandestine alliance, which allows privileged US citizens (rich people) to kill without the possibility of prosecution. InfraGard is composed of over 23,000 representatives of the private sector, as well as the FBI and Homeland Security. By imparting the FBI with information, the wealthy members of InfraGard are allowed to protect their interests without condition and given secret intelligence about supposed “terrorist threats”.


Lies for war

Keith Olbermann explaining the lies of the house of scandal. Outrageous I tell ya!

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