TV killed reality

Learn and weep.


Stupid and/or neo-con

Frank Schaeffer gives us one of the better interviews I've ever seen. He gives contemporary republicans the choice between being stupid, bought or both. Please give this man a show!


Quote of the century - Dalai Lama

We have bigger houses but smaller families
more convenience, but less time
We have more degrees, but less sense
more knowledge, but less judgement
more experts, but more problems
more medicines, but less healthiness
We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbor.

We built more computers to hold more information than ever, but have less communication
We have become long on quantity, but short on quality.
These are the times of fast foods but slow digestion
Tall man but short character
Steep profits but shallow relationships.

It's a time when there is much in the window, but nothing in the room.


War on drugs, they told me

Man, don't tell me about love and peace
when one of the Joneses has a hand gun pointed at me
Don't tell me to just say no
I'm an addict, I say no to letting it go
Whatever happened to sex, drugs and rock'n roll
now we just have AIDS, crack and techno

Nuff said, discussion closed. Next!


What is wrong with the world today


Richard Lewis takes over the Daily Show

Richard Lewis starts off a rant against all the insanity in his and our lives. Religion and Republicans have to go.


Religion unites the stupid

Bill Maher tears down any religion to conclude nobody knows anything for sure and only the certain are definitely crazy.


U.S. politics for dummies

wordstheyusedThis picture tells us the messages that Republicans and Democrats gave the public during their conventions. For Democrats the message is clearly: "We need change and McCain is not it." For Republicans the message must be: "We need less taxes and more God."

I don't see how the latter is different from the last eight Bush years. Seems to me even "godly men" like Bush are very capable of genocide, theft, deceit, torture, treason and greed to name a few...


Red state idiocracy

Paul F. Tompkins explains why the red states are the root of all evil.


R.I.P. George Carlin

George Carlin, one of the greatest, funniest truthbringers has died. What started as a bad week is only getting worse.


When intelligent design is labeled evolution

Kenneth Miller explains the (un)american war on science and debunks intelligent design. Do watch it till the end, it's a thriller.


PR people lie, for a living

The truth on PR people and disinformation/misinformation/lies. Also, did you realize that all advertisements are true? Red Bull really does give you wings.


Right is wrong: the Bush legacy

A very good overview of the 'problems' with the Right, condensed into a great singalong. Let's change course please....


End Capitalism Now

Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, calls for the end of capitalism. Clearly we are wasting the planet away. Redesigning our markets and companies will not cut it, we cannot buy ourselves out of trouble with more efficiënt products. This time around we need a revolution of all the people. The words "we're screwed" come to mind...


The age of unreason

Susan Jacoby and Stephen Colbert analyze the age of unreason. As it turns out, watching tv all the time and not reading any books at all is making/keeping humanity retarded.

Help, we're in the Dark Ages again. Anyone got a light?

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